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Website Development Services -UAE

Web design and development is  a comprehensive term that denotes website creation.

There are two parts to a website - The front end and the back end.

The part that the user sees is called the front end and its development involves the design of layout, toolbars and buttons etc. Attractive and user-friendly websites are a sign of good front end development. HTML and Javascript are good front end tools.

The back end stores  and organizes information that comes through front end and stores in a database in a server. The back end developer ensures the synchronized working of databases, applications and servers using languages like Ruby,Python etc.

In short, the website functions by the communication between the front end and back end.

Some of the new trends and innovations in web design and development that are emerging in the year 2021 are listed below.

1. Blockchain technology is an encrypted database storing system that underpins the digital currency, bitcoin. Then there is no interference of a third party in between which reduces the risk of cybercrimes. In 2019 more than 30 million blockchain wallets were used across the world.
2. The front end framework like  Motion UI is used to develop responsive web designs that are attractive and user friendly.
3. Cloud completing that makes use of cloud-based resources such as storage, networking, software, analytics etc. During pandemics, this trend become popular as more organizations opted for remote working. Netflix has moved to Cloud computing in 2016 itself.

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