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Over the years technology has changed our lives to make things easier and better for them. With the advancement of Digital Media in the global economy has made marketing more important than ever. In the modern society every brand requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach out to their potential customers.

This is why we need marketing tools that can track your work, which allows you to adapt and drive better results with automated solutions. Also, it does not hurt that they are FREE!

Marketing tools are unique in their way that helps to boost your business needs and marketing process. Here, we introduce the much-needed tools for each task facing a marketer.


1.Trello: Planning and Organization

Planning and organizing a marketing process is an essential part of every marketer’s job. For every marketer it is important to lay the foundation right with every plan.

Trello is a digital organization board that cuts down heavy tasks into individual steps and allocates steps to different members of your team. Apparently, it is effortless to use. If you are familiar with the tool, you can utilize it more flexibly and deeply. Hence the  software is more simplistic, well designed, and intuitive to handle.


2. Mail Chimp: Email Marketing

Marketing through email is the essence for the success of most businesses. Social Media is a great way of digitally advertising your brand and your products. It helps you to connect and engage with your customers and email marketing offers more intimate interaction between the brands and its consumers.

Mail Chimp is an excellent free to use email marketing software, which permits marketers to productively set-up marketing campaigns that provide various templates and visuals. It also has  some unique characteristics that are quite easy to use given their user-friendly design and interface.


3. HubSpot: Marketing Automation & Lead generation

HubSpot is a magnificent tool for every marketer using inbound marketing for lead generation. It centralizes campaign creation and management, unlocking efficiency and boosting performance.

HubSpot’s free features are a great choice for salespersons and marketers to build landing pages, blogs, and email marketing with an excellent CRM baked into the entire system. 


4. Social Media: Buffer

Buffer provides a tool for timely planning and scheduling of social media posts. The unique attributes of Buffer lie in its ability to speedily respond and post across all your digital profiles in one easy-to-use dashboard and its free plan aids you to sync across 5 social media platforms, making it an ideal choice for all marketers.


5. Canva: Design and Visuals

Canva has become a best choice among those who have a capability for the visual arts but are non-designers. Host a wide variety of templates for each social media platform over and over. Their interactive and intuitive interface makes them very popular in the industry.

A user can find a number of templates for flyers, infographics, brochures and social media posts with a free library of fonts, images and illustrations that provide you with a set of graphics that you can easily drag and drop off.

Nowadays a person needs both - specialised promotion of the brand and digital marketing tools to enhance performance across numerous channels. It is important to understand how digital marketing strategies will work best for your business. Have a look at our Digital  marketing solutions and do get connected with us.


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