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Ways Your E-Commerce Business Can Recover From A Growth Setback

Recent years have shown us that e-commerce is here to dominate the economy. While many business sectors have suffered immensely, the e-commerce sector has seen exponential growth and will continue to do so in the coming economic year. 

Stores and businesses with an established or budding online presence made it through, reaping the rewards. The businesses that did not focus on their website design and having online stores, were left in the dust, trying to outrun the competition but falling short. 

This, however, does not mean e-commerce is not vulnerable to suffering from setbacks. Eventually, every Superman has to face his Kryptonite. There are a lot of peculiarities to be considered and the setbacks might feel like major drawbacks but not if you know how to deal with them. 


Stunted Growth


If your business has suddenly stopped growing online and otherwise? There could be various reasons for this and you can handle them with the right approach


  • Unhappy Customers: Surveys have shown that clients are usually not as satisfied with the services as the service provider thinks they are. Clients often choose to give no feedback rather than a bad one. This means no further business from these individuals and bad word-of-the-mouth publicity.


How do we solve this?


Engage in practices that encourage feedback from       customers, post-purchase. Getting detailed accounts of their experiences gives you room to identify and remedy your shortcomings as well as makes the customers feel heard. 


  • Stand out from the crowd

There is a good chance that your product/ seervice has an abundance of competitors. This translates to your clients wondering “Why them?”; a question you need to ponder over. 


Having a clear idea of what makes you unique and conveying the same through your marketing strategy is essential to establishing your brand as a niche one.


Mis-Handling Website Traffic 


The more you grow, the more will be the organic traffic on your website. E-commerce is the constant struggle of getting the maximum website traffic but more often than not, the websites are not able to handle it very well.   

This is going to result is frustrated visitors and ultimately a bad reputation.


How do we solve this?


  • Responsive Ui Design: An overly complicated website interface might seem fancy but it is less than ideal in terms of serving its function, i.e., to make it easier for the customers to navigate your website and find what they are looking for. 


With a simple, clean web design, you offer the chance to explore more with a minimal number of clicks. Easy to use layouts will get you more business in terms of attracting new clients simply due to their curiosity. 


  • Sound, functional servers: How many times have you personally experienced a website displaying “server down” and just chose to move on? The ineptness of a server gives out the message that your business is not competent and cannot handle being even a little overwhelmed.


The ability to direct and deal with more than usual traffic will result in not only customer satisfaction but a peace of mind on your part as well. Having to deal with inactive servers is not feasible for any e-commerce business. 

These are some of the setbacks that are most likely to cause your profits to slow down. Being conscious of these and handling them pronto will ensure a smooth-running business with constant growth rates. 


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