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How to Generate Media Attention towards your Business

Media has transcended from being a secondary presence in our perceptions of everything to being the primary director of your opinions of everything. No one can deny this fact. In 2021, media is subtly controlling our thoughts and thus actions from behind the curtains. 

Consumption is subconscious but the moves it inspires are conscious which you may think are independent of any influence but sadly, that is far from the truth. 

Naturally, this translates into how you run your business as well. The media presence of any business is directly proportional to the goodwill of the brand’s image. All minor details matter in the grand scheme of things; thus details cannot be overlooked in the slightest. 


The attention from media can catapult you into success overnight if done right. It is an art of its own. How can you achieve maximum coverage from media outlets?

  • Social Media: Genie in a bottle 

Social media has integrated itself into our daily lives and cannot be ignored even if you are not an active user. 


Marketing your business subtly on social media by just being active, posting regularly, and making the most of each feature ( igtv, reels, youtube shorts, etc, ) will establish your business at the forefront of social media users.


  • The little birdie is your friend: Twitter

You might think that Twitter is another form of social media, then why pray to tell, would I mention it separately? It is true that it is a form of social media, Twitter has essentially become an active, interactive, real-time newsletter/forum. 

The most followed accounts on Twitter are those that can hold a viewer’s attention and amuse them with a few words. This has been the case with many business accounts like Wendy’s, Chipotle amongst many others. 

These accounts have mastered the art of entertaining people while advertising their business, so having a sense of humor will serve you well when it comes to getting noticed on Twitter.  

  • Freelance reporters and journalists are your people

When it comes to reading/ watching anything about any business, people are more likely to trust the opinion of a freelancer rather than an organization - like a news channel.


The illusion of choice is stronger with individual influences rather than a huge media outlet. It makes the viewers feel they “found” your business instead of being told about it. This is one of the most organic ways of generating the limelight through media. 

  • Trends rhymes with friends for a reason

The creation, catching up, and following of trends has blasted over the last 5 years thanks to gen-z.  From Instagram to TikTok, you see new ones pop up almost every day. 

Following these trends and incorporating them into your marketing strategy will boost your relatability. It also shows that your business is an active and self-aware one that stays in touch with the ‘now’. 

  • Influencers are the gateway to brand visibility

If you want your brand recognized and acknowledged by a lot of people fast, then influencers are the way to go. Reaching a wider audience can be done quickly by being mentioned by an influencer - their audience becomes your audience. 

This helps in your user acquisition by increasing brand visibility. In the early stages of your business, this might be all you need.   

  • Asking for help might work wonders

Employing help from an internet/ digital marketing agency might be a better move. They are experienced and have the market research, data analysis, and user acquisition strategies that you probably cannot stack up by yourself. 

Getting their help in drawing the media to your business is more professional and clean. Usually, the consultation cost is minimal and you still get expert advice and implementation. 

In the various tools that you will need to make your business successful, media will be one of the sharpest ones. Using it well can make or break careers, thus paying attention is essential. 


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